Mandala putter model hatching #billetmilled #madeinusa #OG #golf #putter #howitsmade

That's right! These babies are starting to hatch out of their putter eggs (solid blocks of steel) into real putters. Below are some pictures from the first, second and third operation of milling.

The final two operations, we mill the unique undercut neck that allows the player to see the sweet spot of the putter from address. This is a unique feature because true center shafted putters must have the shaft or neck of the putter intersect the center of gravity, which blocks the view of the sweet spot. 

For more details on special features on the Mandala putter design check out the Mandala putter page


After the milling the putters, each on will need to be individually hand worked. The delicate hand working takes time. We expect the putters to be finished in about six weeks, but don't hold me to it! You can't rush delicate! Please check our dealers page for a store near you.



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