Refined Series Mandala

The Mandala presents an innovation in classic putter design. The view from address maintains a classic D-shaped silhouette. Almost every other view reveals the unique Swan Tail flange. This sweeping reverse taper moves mass deeper in the club, encouraging continued acceleration through the putt. The undercut notch on the leading edge of the neck allows for a better view of the ball on this true center-shafted putter.

The Refined Series putters use 11L17 carbon steel. This leaded steel is naturally a softer than stainless steel. Because carbon steel rusts the club is coated with a protective layer of nickel, chrome, and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). The coating combination has been tested to be more rust resistant than stainless steel. The slate color PVD is a unique color to Kronos putters that highlights the fine milling. 

Made in The United States of America.

1-piece billet milled
11L17 carbon steel
Physical Vapor Deposition finish
3 degrees loft, 70 degrees lie
Center-shafted, face balanced
Compass Scored face
360 and 370 grams

Comes with stepless steel shaft, Kronos  midsize Iomic grip, and putter cover.

Special Features Explained

The Mandala's flange thickens as it gets deeper.  This moves the center of gravity back, increasing forgiveness and encouraging acceleration through the putting stroke.  Click on the image below for a video covering the topic.

The Mandala's Swan Tail™ flange


A true center-shafted face-balanced putter with traditional neck obscures the area over the sweet spot.  This is because the leading edge of the neck covers the top of the sweet spot.  Our undercut clears the view for the golfer to focus on the task at hand.   

Notice how the leading edge of the neck is cut

The undercut prevents the neck from covering the sightline

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