Hand worked Mandala and Metronome Stainless Steel #madeinusa #golf #kronosgolf #putter

Can you tell which one is still raw and unfinished and which one is nearly ready for play?

Even for me it is pretty difficult to tell with the lighting from my camera phone. The lighter one has matte finish on the top line and a satin sole and satin face, this is the one that is ready nearly ready for play. I will add pictures of the satin face and satin sole later. 

The shiner yet at the same darker of the two heads is still completely raw with milling burs on it.   The reason the finished head and the raw head are so similar is because we try our best to delicately hand finish each putter to maintain the intended original design. Rounding off edges takes away material causing the head to be unbalanced. 

Check out the respective pages for the Mandala and Metronome putters for more information. 

 - PL

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