Putter Design Review 1 of 2

As part of the 100 designs for 2018, I have reached out to a few different folks in the golf industry to get their input on putter designs. 

This first one that I tried really took elements from various putters out there but added a cool twist of adding elements inspired by life outside of golf. 

Ryan Ballengee asked me to design a blade style putter that uses a large arrow as a sight line. I took the liberty to split the arrow so that your head has to be above the ball during the address to complete the arrow. You can see what I mean in this video. 

What I found exciting and cool was Ryan's request to try to add in the rocks from Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. I tried to weave in this theme in the pocket of the putter and allow that to be the showpiece of the putter. 

Check out the video below where I first introduce the putter design to Ryan. 

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