CAD model update for 3D printing

Just messing around and tried to create a super high MOI putter regardless of look. Yes it is ugly!! Although I attempted to keep simple lines. The large channel down the middle was inspired by the two ball because the diameter of the circle and the width of the channel are that of a golf ball, 1.68 inches. 

Moment of Inertia along the Z axis is 11,505.06 at 384.38 grams. Length from heal to toe is 4.5 inches so this would look like a traditional length putter rather then the other high MOI putters out there that go to 5 inches to 5.5 inches to achieve a lower MOI and at a higher weight. 

I am still deciding if I will actually make this one. The cool thing is there are holes in the bottom that will allow for added weights to bring the MOI even higher. For now I am going to try just printing a high definition metal flake infused plastic before making a real Aluminum head. 

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