Feel the Sound

Players describe feel in many different ways. Most use adjectives like soft, hard, solid, smooth, clean, and even good; but what does this all mean? What causes these perceptions?

Understanding what constitutes the feel of a putter requires an in-depth look at mechanosensory (vibrations and sound) and photosensory (visual) stimuli. Perhaps surprisingly, sound usually dominates our determination of "feel."  How the sound of impact relates to feel is similar to how the smell of food relates to taste.  It is absolutely critical.

Since sound is so important we wanted to document and analyze the sound of our putters impacting golf balls. Earlier this week we went to Aviara Golf Club to record both stainless steel and carbon steel Kronos putters at impact. We also were able to record shots hitting the sweet spot versus toed off-center shots.

We hope to provide you with a better understanding of feel through analyzing these sounds.

Below are some sneak peek pictures of our set up. 

Look for the post in the Technical Blog