The Machine Shop

We often refer to our factory as "the shop." That's short for "the machine shop." We spend a lot of time there. Time flies when milling, using the lathe or working on any project there. 

We thought it would be interesting to show some of what goes on in the shop.  We loaded a short slideshow gallery as a sample. Also, you can find some short video clips of our everyday work like setting up machines. The engraving below is similar to another engraving vid we posted, but this one gives a bit more perspective on how we engrave. For you other machinist out there you will know what we mean!

The two short videos clips above show a hand lathe turning a prototype ferrule for the D'Arcy out of black plastic. The other video shows us setting up the old school machine. We find that doing one-off type prototypes is easiest on a hand lathe than programming and setting up a CNC machine.

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