Ferrules for the D'Arcy putter #craftsmanship #golf #putter #madeinusa


I had originally made the ferrules for the prototype D'Arcy putters you see pictured on the website by hand. I turned them on a very old school machine using essentially cranks to feel out the look. Most prototyping is done that way here. We get an idea and just try it out and make up a few pieces the old fashion way. 

Kronos Golf is very much machine oriented considering our roots are in machining but beyond that there is a high level of hand craftsmanship that goes into every putter. 

This video gives you a little bit of the behind the scenes look. Watch for the spinning metal rod. That is an aluminum ferrule being made by turning the hand cranks. 


Pictured below left, we drew up a very precise way to execute the ferrules for our production run. The two on the right are older pictures showing the variation in the hand made ones. 


For more info on the D'Arcy and how to get your hands one please add yourself to the mail list. I will send updates to those folks first. 

- PL

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