Rare Series TROMBONE


The Trombone putter, like its Release model siblings, is a long neck blade that places an importance on having a small degree of toe hang. After all, a blade putter shouldn't play like a mallet. From there though, the unique qualities of the Trombone begin to make their presence known. The Trombone is a limited edition putter made from an enamoring brass alloy -- a first for a Kronos putter -- and only seventy-two pieces will be made this year.

The Rare Series putters use a variety of rare metals and unique finishes, and amongst them lives the Trombone with its incredibly soft brass alloy. While carbon steel has proven itself a soft metal suitable for use in fine putters, the results from standardized hardness tests for our brass alloy put in on another page entirely... quite literally. Such is the softness of our Trombone's brass alloy.

As beautiful as the rich color of the brass is when it begins its life, brass will naturally patina and change color over time as it matures. In order to help preserve some of the original color, we have added a protective clear coating over the entire club except for the face. This gap in coating allows for both a pure hitting surface against the original, buttery, soft brass as well as a space in which the putter can patina naturally and record its unabridged tale in the world.

The manner in which brass changes color and begins to patina over time is something we really appreciate about brass. It creates a very personal and unique color that is reflective of the environment in which it was used. A hotter humid climate will create a different color than a dry cold climate. The protective clear coat will inhibit the patina process, but the color will inevitably change over time as the clear coat wears off*. In 10 years time, we hope to collect some beautiful photos from our customers documenting the unique patinas and the environments in which they were used. 

Made in The United States of America. 


2.5 degrees loft, 70 degrees lie, 2 degrees draft
1-piece billet milled
Protective clear coating* (not on hitting surface)
3:30 o'clock toe hang (nearly face balanced)
Compass Scored face
Three plane sole
380 grams

Choice of three shaft options,  Kronos exclusive coffee colored midsize Iomic grip, and choice of Japanese denim cover or leather cover.

* Protective clear coat will start to come off after the initial first use. The clear coat is meant to maintain the color prior to use only. 

We make sure that all of our putters balance on the sweetspot, and that is where we draw the sight line.
— Phillip Lapuz, Founder

This Rare Series putter also features the Kronos SP logo. The square shape on the left side is symbolic of our dedication to milling all our putters from a solid billet of material which creates a uniform body density for balance. The pentagon shape is symbolic of our measuring device used to locate the sweetspot/balance point of each putter head so we can properly draw the sight line. Finally, the negative space between the two shapes creates the letter K for Kronos.