Raw Series Touch

A classic design with a Kronos twist. Design and materials pay homage to 1900s. Unlike its predecessors and contemporaries, this putter showcases highly precise milling. Minimal finishing is required. The sharp lines and mill marks tell the story of the club's crafting. Milling from a single piece of stainless steel is particularly labor and materials intensive but necessary to create a seamless piece. A thick topline provides solid feel upon impact. 

The Raw Series putters use 303 American stainless steel. It features a low glare finish that does not have any coating. Some putter purists prefer no coating because there is nothing between the putter and the ball to alter the feel. 

Made in The United States of America. 

1-piece billet milled
Raw 303 stainless steel
3 degrees loft, 71 degrees lie
5 o'clock toe hang
Compass Scored face
360 grams

Standard with stepless steel,  Kronos exclusive coffee colored midsize Iomic grip, and Japanese denim cover.

Special Features Explained


Balanced on the sweet spot

Unlike the vast majority of putters, every Kronos balances on it's sightline.  This ensures that the line points directly to the sweet spot so you know where to strike the ball. After all, to hit the sweet spot you must know where the sweet spot is!!


Engraved not stamped

Kronos promises never to stamp graphics or letters into your putter. Stamping the metal to put in initials or images deforms the metal and if done incorrectly can throw off the precision that goes into a milled putter. We pride ourselves in using the finest techniques and will only engrave images.  


Thick topline for better feel 

A thick topline puts more mass behind the ball for soft, solid feel. Our research shows that more mass behind the point of impact gives better feedback and feel. 

thick topline provides soft, solid feel

thick topline provides soft, solid feel


Purchase Options

Choose from two sight line configurations 

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