Refined Series Release


The Release model stands tall as the preferred tool of craftsmen who believe in the importance of a proper release on impact -- not just in the long ball, but in their short game, too. This long neck putter was designed with a full shaft offset and a slight toe hang. In addition, although this putter may look like an ordinary long neck putter, the design has been altered to achieve a sweet spot that is directly in line with the sight line. All of this leads to an intentional design result: a nearly-face-balanced putter that rests just shy of a 3:00 o'clock balance. To those of you who believe that a blade putter should not be played like a mallet, your voice has been heard.

The Refined Series putters use 11L17 carbon steel. This leaded steel is naturally softer than stainless steel. Because carbon steel will rusts, the club is coated with a protective layer of nickel, chrome, and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). The coating combination has been tested to be more even more rust resistant than stainless steel. The slate color PVD is a unique color to Kronos putters that highlights the fine milling. 

Made in The United States of America. 


2.5 degrees loft, 70 degrees lie, 2 degrees draft
1-piece billet milled
11L17 carbon steel
Physical Vapor Deposition finish
3:30 o'clock toe hang (nearly face balanced)
Compass Scored face
Three plane sole
370 grams

Comes with stepless steel shaft, Kronos midsize Iomic grip, and putter cover.

We make sure that all of our putters balance on the sweetspot, and that is where we draw the sight line.
— Phillip Lapuz, Founder