Pure Balance Fulcrum

Kronos Golf utilizes the Pure Balance COG certification process to ensure our putters' sight lines are properly aligned and balanced with the center of gravity. The vast major of putters do not balance on their sight line, which means you are most likely missing the sweet spot of the putter.

The Pure Balance COG certification is a patent pending process that involves a fulcrum device pictured above and a special method of measurement to locate the center of gravity. 

Many manufactures push the notion that a milled putter is superior to a cast or forged putter, but they have never been able to give a measurable quality about the putter head until now. 

Look for the Pure Balance COG Certified logo to make sure your putter is balanced. Not all milled putters are created equal. 

All Kronos putters are Pure Balance COG Certified.

The Pure Balance Fulcrum is ready for use. Simply place it on a level surface and begin balancing the putter head. The balance point signifies the sweet spot. 

Kronos Pure Balance Fulcrum
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