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Hinotori Touch Putter


< Now on display at The British Golf Museum in St. Andrews, Scotland. The Hinotori putter is featured in the Innovation, Architecture and Design exhibit from April 2016. We are proud to announce that the Hinotori putter's stay at The British Golf Museum has been extended for two additional years to September 2019. - Special thanks to our distributor in Scotland Golfing Links Org for setting this up! >

The Hinotori putter is a one of a kind hand-engraved putter.

The sole of the putter shows the Japanese 火の鳥 (Hinotori) which literally translates into English as "bird of fire", better known as a "phoenix." The design was inspired by Phillip's time living in Uji City in Kyoto, Japan where he often visited Byodo-in, the famous temple on the back of the Japanese ten yen coin. On the top of the temple sits two statues of phoenix birds.

Kronos Golf's mark is a phoenix that is symbolic of Kronos Golf's core mission. Here at Kronos Golf, we labor to grow golf to be more like the phoenix: reborn anew from the ashes of the old.

We wish to breathe new life into this old game we all love so deeply. We look within ourselves to find inspiration for ways to keep this game fresh, fun, and something worth admiring. 



The design on the putter was all 100% hand-engraved here in North County of San Diego, California. It's the definition of a labor of love, taking three months of intensive work to create this piece of art and over a year to polish and coat. 

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