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All KRONOS putters are computer numeric control machined milled, hand polished, and assembled by the world's finest craftsmen using only the finest techniques from only the highest quality materials. 

Solid billets of metal, no casting, no welding, no stamping, no shortcuts. KRONOS minimizes imprecision by superior design and superior execution.

One piece of metal = one putter head.

We design with: cutting, polishing, coating, and assembly in mind. We design and execute from start to finish. Nothing gets lost in translation because of one simple fact: no translating. 

Each putter is precision milled from a solid billet of metal to maintain the purity of the metal and the integrity of the structure. KRONOS delicately polishes each piece by hand to preserve as much of the precision as possible, then minimally coats as needed to match the material.

Finally, the putter head is hand painted and cured before each club is hand assembled and individually balanced.

Each head is designed specifically to balance on the sight line on the center of gravity. In other words, the sweet spot is where the line is drawn. This is something that most people think can be taken for granted. Oddly enough, it is rarely seen in practice.

We combine modern manufacturing techniques with traditional shapes, we use complementing finishing techniques to match our materials, and we partner with the world's best craftsmen with the latest advances in manufacturing technology.

We use a variety of common and rare metals, all using solid billets to ensure no air pockets in the material We acknowledge the properties of all our materials, and we acknowledge and embrace the differences.

A putter is a precision instrument.

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