CAD model update 2 more classics

Yes we have all seen this design... Fun thing is this one is actually balanced!! In the photos below there is a little blue and white dot that kind of looks like the BMW symbol. That is the center of mass or center of gravity. 

I did two designs here one that is a very traditional look and the second more of a cosmetic funkiness to the Kronos on the back-face. 

I played around with different sight lines/ sight dots because the rising toe angle makes the center of mass symbol look like it is off-center when looking at the putter from different angles. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this one in a video review when the putter is finished 3D printing. 

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CAD model update from Cal Poly Slo

For the past two years Kronos has sponsored a senior project at Mechanical Engineering Department at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University. One of my students came up with the general shape of this putter and I changed it a bit to have different lines and a different set up.

Part of this goal of modeling 100 different designs for 2018 is to think outside of the box. This putter definitely does exactly that. I am looking forward to testing this putter out on the course and giving you my feedback in a video review. 

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CAD model update 2 more models for 3D print

Got some input from a Linksouldier aka an employee over at Linksoul in this case. Did a more squared off version from what I have seen for this style design. 

I had a little more fun with the second design here. I added a little cut out in the flange to create more of that B shaped look. These putters will be nice for those guys that want a nice in between a traditional blade and mid-mallet style putter. 

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CAD model update for 3D printing to 100 models

Does this shape look familiar?? Can you tell the difference between these two heads?

These two models are designed using the same framework as our Anchor model putter. We shifted the shaft entry more towards the heal as we showed on our Anchor 2 model that was 3D printed and we explained a short video. 

Take a look at the screen shots of the CAD drawings closely. I highlighted some of the small changes to create a different look and feel. 

I plan to 3D print these out of metal so stay tuned on the video update on these two guys. 

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100 Putter Models Update 1

I am excited to introduce two more 3D printed putters that are fully functional and ready for play on the golf course. Here is a short video covering the two designs. 

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CAD model update for 3D printing

Just messing around and tried to create a super high MOI putter regardless of look. Yes it is ugly!! Although I attempted to keep simple lines. The large channel down the middle was inspired by the two ball because the diameter of the circle and the width of the channel are that of a golf ball, 1.68 inches. 

Moment of Inertia along the Z axis is 11,505.06 at 384.38 grams. Length from heal to toe is 4.5 inches so this would look like a traditional length putter rather then the other high MOI putters out there that go to 5 inches to 5.5 inches to achieve a lower MOI and at a higher weight. 

I am still deciding if I will actually make this one. The cool thing is there are holes in the bottom that will allow for added weights to bring the MOI even higher. For now I am going to try just printing a high definition metal flake infused plastic before making a real Aluminum head. 

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Hammer Time

A customer requested a hammered look on the back of a D'Arcy. We have done sone of these hammered ones in the past with our Prosecco Rose PVD coloring and those turned out great, but I wasn't too sure how this one was going to come out. Its hard to really capture the real look of the finish because my phone camera isn't the greatest at taking photos of shinny metal, but the putter in real life looks as in my wife's words "really awesome!"

Here is a scrap Touch model putter I used to practice the hammering on. 

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CAD of Upcoming Model
 CAD of putter

CAD of putter

Here is a quick putter design inspired by M. McKenna who submitted a suggestion on a putter design. Did a couple versions of this model and I am looking forward to giving a video update on how it turned out soon!


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100 Putter Designs in 2018

Design must be driven by purpose. 

Since the start of the company we have learned a lot about design from not only using putters and testing putters but from other companies and people that we have worked with. We had the opportunity to work with Linksoul, Blast Motion, and some touring pros. In each case we found that there is always a goal in mind for the functionality of our putters and at the same time a specific look our partners were going for. For me personally, to be called a putter designer, it isn’t just simply being able to CAD the design because anybody that knows how to CAD can design a putter (you could say the same about hand sketching). To truly design you must take these inputs such as center of gravity, MOI, feel, sound, material, hosel offset, hosel placement, hosel type, shaft type, and overall shape (blade vs mallet) and be able to incorporate all these futures while still having the putter function in the way you intended. For example, are we looking to get the ball to roll more quickly? Are we looking for a model with high MOI? Are we trying to create a dynamically balanced putter with no bias to toe hang in any direction? 

I think putter manufacturing is going to change drastically in the next 5 to 10 years. The conversation now around rapid prototyping and 3D printing functional putters out of metal will be the norm in 10 years and the larger companies will be forced to evolve. These companies are already evolving in the sense they are diversifying their portfolios by acquiring more lifestyle focused companies meaning they are less focuses on manufacturing because they are seeing that people are unique and don’t want to buy off the shelf anymore which is troublesome for the current paradigm. I predict in the future people will be able to choose a design and it will be easily modified to their liking and it will be printed. The focus will be more on fitting length, lie, shaft stiffness, head weight, alignment, hosel offset, to name a few. In other words true putter fitting. Here on this platform I am looking to explore different ideas with the golfing community. 

I am taking suggestions on designs to be apart of my 100 putter designs for the year. Some of these will be showcased at the Japan Golf Fair in Yokohama this March 23rd-25th at Pacifico Yokohama, 1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 220-0012, Japan. 

For those of you who can't make it there we will be posting updates here with photos and videos. We might have an event during the year with one of our partners to showcase our quarter point at 25 pieces midday way point at 50 pieces and our final stretch points at 75 and 90 pieces. 

 Top putter has been polished and coated with black PVD other two putters have not been polished as you can see the wood grain style markings. 

Top putter has been polished and coated with black PVD other two putters have not been polished as you can see the wood grain style markings. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

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