Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kronos make a left-handed putter?

Kronos does not currently have a left-handed putter for sale. However, we do have a left-handed putter that has finished its design stage and is moving to the prototyping stage. If all prototyping goes smoothly, we anticipate having one ready in summer 2015. Our first left-handed putter will be a very special putter, because no right-handed version of this putter will ever be made. So in other words, it's a putter for lefties only!

For news and updates on this lefties-only putter, please add yourself to our lefties-only mail list below.

Does Kronos ship to Canada?

Yes, we are happy to ship to Canada.


Where can I try a Kronos?

Please have a look at our locations page to find a dealer in your area. We are trying our best to expand our locations, so if you have a recommended pro-shop, please ask them to carry Kronos putters, and have them reach out to us.


How long does it take to make and finish a putter?

In the past, for us to design and bring a putter to production, it has taken anywhere from six months to two years. Our production runs are done in small batches ranging from 70 pieces in a batch to a couple hundred. This takes us around four months from start to finish. As a point of reference, a "big batch" for a major company can include over 400,000 pieces of one model, while other companies have had their "limited edition" runs carry over 1,000 pieces. 


Does Kronos do custom engraving?

We currently do not offer custom engraving. However, we offer HALO etching process for our Refined Series putters as an add on service.  


Why doesn’t Kronos offer custom specifications on the head, such as loft?

Changing any aspect of our club changes the dynamics of the club. We cannot change the loft alone without needing to adjusting other aspects of the club as well. This is something we have tested and stand by. A substantive change in design requires structural changes in our machining tools. This would not be feasible for our current process of manufacturing.


How does the Kronos wait-list work?

We send out an email to all the people on the wait-list with a discount code that can be used for two week period or until they are completely sold out again whichever comes first. The people on the wait-list get a notification first. We then notify people on our general news letter and our dealers after the two week period is up. 


How long will it take to get my order?

It usually takes us one to two days for us to build the putter. Shipping time depends on the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier used in the the shipping process. 


What is your return policy?

Putters that are not used, not damaged, and in their protective plastic wrap are eligible for 95% refund of the total purchase price.

Used but not damaged putters are eligible to be returned at 70% of the total purchase price if returned within 30 days of purchase. 

Damaged putters are eligible to be returned at 40% of total purchase price if returned within 30 days of purchase. 

We reserve the right to deem a club eligible for return.

Purchaser is responsible for shipping the club back to our facility in Oceanside, CA. Prior to returning a putter, it is in the purchaser's best interest to contact customer service (at ) to verify return eligibility. 


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