Mandala Stainless Steel Putter now available! #kronosgolf #playsolid #golf #putter #mandala

I know this isn't exactly a technical post, but the last post was about the Mandala and it ended with on sale soon. Well... These center shafted beauties are finally ready for play!

We used a 303 stainless steel which gives off a slightly more firm feel than our 11L17 carbon steel model. This putter features incredible feedback through its one-piece milled design. You can see from some of the pictures below that each head is milled from a solid block of stainless steel creating a seamless transition into the head which provides incredible feel. 

For more details on the specifications of this head check out the stainless steel Mandala page.  

Also check out the dealers page and Kronos Shop to find out how to get one in your hands.  


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