D'Arcy Raw Stainless Steel

D'Arcy Raw Stainless Steel


Extremely limited. 

Part of a collaboration with John Ashworth and the folks at LinkSoul.  


1-piece billet milled
Raw American 303 stainless steel
3 degrees loft, 71 degrees lie, 3 degrees draft
6 o'clock toe hang
Compass Scored face
Three plane sole
365 grams
Stepless steel shaft
Kangaroo leather grip
Turned aluminum ferrule*

Putter head milled, ferrule turned, and club assembled in San Diego, California. 

More information on the D'Arcy page.

*Pictured is aluminum ferrule. Stainless steel model comes with a black ferrule. 

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All Kronos putters are Pure Balance COG Certified™

All Kronos putters are Pure Balance COG Certified